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Irvine, California (Jan. 4 2019) – Pound Technology®, the leading manufacturer of integrated circuit HDMI cables for classic video game consoles, announced today the expansion of their HD Link Cables to include the iconic Super Nintendo (SNES) system. The company, which prides itself on bringing high quality, low-cost cables to the market, has similar products for the Original Xbox, Dreamcast, and Playstation 2 in their growing portfolio.


  • Works with both the Super Nintendo (SNES) and Super Famicom (SFC) Systems

  • Excellent RGB video quality

  • 6.6 feet cable length

  • Breakaway design

  • Includes 6ft USB-A to micro USB cable with cable management tie offs

Development of the SNES HD Link Cable took several nefarious turns as the first shipment of several thousand units were scrapped entirely after a bug was found post-production. To identify and fix the bug took an additional six months of development work.

 “Scrapping an entire shipment of goods definitely hurt. We had to borrow from family just to stay afloat”, said Paul Leung, a co-founder of Pound Technologies. “But we simply couldn’t release faulty products. We would never release anything that we weren’t ready to use with our own consoles.”

For anyone wanting to experience the best SNES gaming experience on their modern TV there is only one company providing high quality retro gaming solutions. Pound’s new cable makes RGB video quality widely available for the first time in North America.

“The SNES’s highest quality output is RGB and, until our cable came along, there were no real solutions in the North American market that used that display”, said Denny Tsai, owner and CEO of Pound Technology. “Our new cable is the easiest way to enjoy the RGB color space from the SNES on modern TVs.”

No modifications to the system. No settings to fiddle with. This cable is plug and play ready. Purchase one today and be moments away from seeing your games in a totally new way.

The HD Link Cable for the Super Nintendo will be available for pre-order through:

North America (NTSC): Limited Run Games, Pre-orders begin in January for $29.99

Europe (PAL): Games Connection UK

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About Pound Technology

80’s and 90’s classics like Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, and Pac-Man laid the groundwork for the gaming industry as we know it. We wanted to relive our old favorites, but found that today’s high-definition TVs no longer accepted old output standards. We set out to create simple solutions to breathe new life into old games.


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