hd link - Snes

You love your old Nintendo systems but they may not work well with your modern television – until now. The SNES HD Link Cable is the easiest way to bring your original SNES back to life.

The included micro USB cable is optional. Use the micro USB cable if you experience:

  • If you experience any video distortion. Plugging in the micro USB will clear up any image issues.

  • Unusual heat from the back of the system. This is an indication of insufficient power. The SNES is almost 30 years old! Always use the original Nintendo power supply.

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Standard vs pound HD Link cable

Screenshots are taken from the original source. The images are cropped to fit on top of each other. No color corrections have been applied.


The HD Link cable provides a higher fidelity image than old composite and does away with the dithering effect inherent in the signal.


Say goodbye to blurry textures and text. The Pound HD Link Cable produces a nice, crisp image so you can focus on the game.


Using the RGB signal of the SNES, we’re able to provide better colour separation compared to standard AV for improved contrast!





We ensure maximum graphical fidelity by using the Super Nintendo’s native RGB signal to display all games! This means better color reproduction and sharpness than traditional AV cables.



Many games on the Super Nintendo displayed in 240p; a format not accepted by HDMI standards. We force the resolution to 720p to ensure maximum compatibility.



This cable works with all regions of SNES; NTSC and PAL!



Do we sell outside of the US?
Yes! You can purchase directly from us or from our other authorized distributors.

Why is the resolution locked at 720p?
We try to maximize compatibility with modern day TVs and 240p (the resolution that the SNES displays) is not technically a part of the HDMI standard. This means that most TV manufacturers will not support that resolution and thus won’t display an image if it’s not up-scaled to something the TV can recognize.

What’s in the box?
The HD link cables come with the HD LINK unit, an HDMI cable, and a Micro USB cable for power (optional but recommended).

Will this cable work with the SNES Mini?
The SNES mini does not output and RGB signal, which is what our HD Link Cable processes. This makes the SNES Mini incompatible with our cable.

Is it possible to display in 4:3?
We prioritize widescreen but understand that some people want to display games in 4:3 to match the aspect ratio that they were developed for. The only way to display the image in 4:3 is to adjust that manually in your TV settings. Most TVs have a setting to force 4:3, but we cannot guarantee that yours does. Please refer to your manufacturer’s user manual to make sure your TV can do this before purchasing.


What is the Micro USB cable for?
Some SNES systems may not provide adequate power from the system itself. On those systems, you can provide power via micro USB. Even if your system can provide adequate power to produce an image, we highly recommend using the provided power cable to supplement the system to reduce stress on the system’s internal power supply. The SNES is almost 30 years old now!

Will this work with the N64?
The short answer is no, this is not intended to work for the N64 and will not work as the N64 does not have RGB out of the box.
The more complicated answer is that there are mods out there that allow the N64 to output RGB, however, we do not guarantee full compatibility with all RGB mods.