hd link - original xbox

Pound Tech's inaugural product, the HD LINK cable for the original XBox will allow you to enjoy your original XBox on modern televisions with HDMI inputs! Re-expore Fable's Albion in stunning high def, frag out in Halo 2 with precision accuracy, HD LINK will give your XBox its second wind without the rat's nest of traditional component cables.

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What's in the box:
You get an HDLink cable as well as an HDMI cable included. You are welcome to use your own high-quality or extended HDMI cable if you wish.

PLEASE READ: We’ve done a lot of research and testing regarding waviness or distortion inherent in some Xboxes. To learn about our findings and some steps you can take to address the problem, please see our in-depth video here: POUND - HD Link Xbox Issue & What You Can Do About It



Screenshots are taken from the original source. The images are cropped to fit on top of each other. No color corrections have been applied.


Take the fogginess out of the picture by upgrading from standard AV cables to Pound HDMI cables - the best way to connect your Xbox to your modern TV via HDMI.


Say goodbye to blurry textures. The Pound HD Link Cable produces nice, crisp textures up to the Xbox's maximum resolution.


Color accuracy is increased by converting the Xbox's analogue component signal into pure, digital, HDMI.





If you want your original XBOX system to connect to your television via HDMI then the HD Link Cable is the best and only integrated solution.



Seamlessly links your old system to a modern television via HDMI with no adapters or power supplies required.*

*In certain instances, power via a micro USB cable may be required to alleviate artifacting in the display image.



Maximum possible video quality and compatible with all modern TVs. Video quality based on media capability and is not limited by the cable. Games that are native 480i or 720p will run in their respective resolutions.



Do we sell outside of the US?
Yes! You should be able to purchase our products directly from Amazon.com and ship internationally. International customers will not be eligible for Prime and are responsible for international shipping rates.

My display is wavy or distorted, is this normal?
We’ve explored this issue in depth. A detailed report of our findings can be found on our YouTube channel here: POUND - HD Link Xbox "1.4" Issue & What You Can Do About It

Do the images upscale?
Our cable only passes through the XBox's native display to your TV. Resolution will depend completely on the media you've inserted as well as your television's ability to display the image. For a full list of XBox games and their respective resolutions, please click here: XBox Game Display List

Does your cable work with PAL consoles?
The HD Link for the Original Xbox works with PAL consoles, however, PAL consoles did not have advanced display modes (480p, 720p, and 1080i) enabled by default. In order to enable those display modes, a soft mod would be necessary to convert the system to NTSC.


What's in the box?
The HD link cables come with the HD LINK unit, an HDMI cable, and a quick start guide for easy start up.

Do you support Dolby 5.1 audio output?
Unfortunately our cable doesn't support Dolby 5.1 out.

The cable is sold out!
We're so sorry! We are definitely rushing to get it restocked, even resorting to air freight for fulfillment to try to make up as much time as we can. We know people are selling our cables with inflated prices. While we understand the concept of supply and demand we'd like to discourage our customers from purchasing a $30 product for, often, double or triple the price. The best way to find out when we restock is by follow us on Facebook, we make all our announcements there.

I have the HDLink for Original Xbox V1
You can find detailed information of the previous cable version HERE.